Mike Batts, CPA and managing partner of BMWL speaking at the 25th Annual National Nonprofit Conference for nonprofit organizations

National Nonprofit Conference

Batts Morrison Wales & Lee has annually hosted a highly regarded National Nonprofit Conference attended by hundreds of nonprofit leaders from across the United States.  The Conference, rated by a national publishing organization as a “Top 5” conference in the U.S., covers a wide variety of cutting edge legal, tax, and financial topics. Speakers include members of our team, as well as other top legal, tax, and financial professionals from across the country.

After hosting the conference for 25 consecutive years, Mike Batts, BMWL’s managing partner, released the following communication:

Dear Clients and Friends of BMWL,

A few months ago, I shared with you that we would provide you with an update by the end of the summer regarding our firm’s national conference for nonprofit leaders.  Here is that update.

We expect our next major BMWL client educational event for nonprofit leaders to be held sometime in 2019.  We want to bring a fresh and innovative approach to the format of the event, making it as practical, helpful, and informative as possible, while keeping it concise out of respect for your busy schedule.   Most likely, we will give it a new name to correspond with its new format.

For 25 consecutive years, I and others who have joined me along the way have led an event designed to keep our clients up to date with respect to important developments affecting nonprofit organizations. What began as a tax seminar morphed over time into a national conference providing tax, financial, accounting, and regulatory updates for nonprofit leaders from across the United States. We have been amazed and humbled to watch it grow, and one national publication even recently ranked BMWL’s national nonprofit conference as one of the top five in the country. We are extremely grateful for all of the support and encouragement our clients and friends have provided us regarding our national nonprofit conference.

Having crossed the 25-year threshold (which we enjoyed celebrating with attendees at our conference last year in a number of special ways), we are taking a fresh look at our conference model. Our original objective will continue – we remain committed to pursuing excellence in keeping our clients up to date with respect to important developments affecting their organizations in the tax, financial, accounting, and regulatory arenas. However, we believe it is time to ask questions as to the best ways to accomplish that objective. We also plan to consider whether additional objectives may be worthy of pursuit – for example, more in-depth training in key areas of accounting and financial operations.

As our firm continues to grow in size and geography, we are serving more nonprofit organizations in more places across the United States from our three locations, including our new office in Dallas. As we contemplate the most effective ways to continue to improve on our objective of providing excellent informational resources for our clients, we are considering a variety of ideas, including a combination of web briefings, in-person training events, and other more innovative experiences.

Stay tuned for our Special Alerts, OnPoint feature articles, and other publications and events to maintain awareness of important tax, financial, accounting, and regulatory developments affecting nonprofit organizations.

We will not only continue our promise to provide helpful information on key developments affecting our clients, we will be working to make the information we provide better than ever.  You serve a higher purpose.  And because of that, you deserve our very best efforts to serve you.

May God bless your work and ours as we strive together to strengthen the great organizations that make a lasting difference in the lives of people every day.

Very sincerely,

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