BMWL Webinar: Paycheck Protection Program Loans – An Update

Mike Batts, CPA
Michele Wales, CPA
Mike Lee, CPA


The Paycheck Protection Program loans available to nonprofits and small businesses have created a frenzy of activity. Nonprofit and small business leaders have scrambled to learn how the program will work and many have prepared and submitted their applications to their banks.   The experiences with banks have been anything but consistent, with banks taking various approaches to offering these loans.  During all of this frenetic activity, the rules have been evolving.   And most everyone is concerned that the program, which has a finite appropriation, will run out of money quickly.

CPA Mike Batts shares his perspectives on where we are with this program and on new developments in the rules.  Following Mike’s overview, he, along with CPAs Michele Wales and Mike Lee, also provide an extended Q&A session on the topic.

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