Unrelated Business Income

Church Resized

Charity Resized

If you lead a church or a public charity and are interested in the tax implications of unrelated business income, these small books are for you. Unrelated Business Income and the Church and Unrelated Business Income and the 501(c)(3) Public Charity demystify the bewildering and intimidating world of tax rules governing alternative sources of revenue and arm you with tips and strategies to safeguard your nonprofit status. Many myths and fables surround the topic of generating unrelated business income. “You can’t do that, it’s illegal!” and “If you do that, you will lose your tax-exempt status!” are some of the common fear-mongering statements made by many in the nonprofit sector who don’t know the facts. Mike Batts lays the myths and fables to rest by not only telling you what you can’t do, but more importantly, what you can do!

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